The «Water Impact Guidebook» has been compiled and edited by Nancy Barnes, supported by «Water People» from all over the world – among them were the key actors and trainers of GIZ's capacity development programs WAVEplus and MENA-Water. So a lot of information and experience described here on the WAVE-water portal also became part of the Guidebook.

The inspiration for the Guidebook came from a simple idea: that people should not have to «reinvent the wheel» when they face challenges in organization and management of water suppliers, when so much has been done by others. When you face a challenge, we want you to have a place to start that is better than a blank computer screen.

As you explore the Guidebook, you may be amazed at how much information is here – and it is information that you can readily use if you have the initiative to proceed and the belief that you can do it (of course you can…).

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