Face-2-Face Trainings for the Watersector

Face-to-face training courses are held in partner countries as well as in Germany, for example, training related to fact-finding trips, trade fair visits and presentations of new technologies.

Topics include water-loss reduction, energy efficiency in the water sector, water integrity, sanitation, benchmarking, quality and standards.

Follow-up and coaching on the implementation of action plans and strategies are important components for a sustainable result of the HCD courses.

Participants draw up action plans and work plans during face-to-face sessions. They are assisted in implementing these plans through personal supervision and refresher courses.

Sustainable Results

Most of the 2,000 individuals who have already completed the course are working in middle and higher-level management positions at institutions and organisations within the water supply sector. Many participants and their employers report that individual capacity development has led to an improvement in operating results. Additional income has been generated and used to expand the water supply network and increase water supply to low-income areas.

In this way, HCD initiatives and bilateral programmes are mutually enhancing in their impact. Customer orientation has been improved and, in some cases, specific anti-corruption measures have been taken.

Presently, the key challenge for the HCD approach in terms of its long-term impact and wider use in the water sector is link- age/cooperation with regional and pan-African initiatives for promoting access to water supply and sanitation.