The challenge

African governments and municipal administrations have invested heavily in urban water supplies over the last few years, assisted in many cases by international donors. However, de and continues to outstrip supply. Many citizens have no guaranteed or reliable access to safe drinking water and sanitation. If sustainable improvements are to be made in water supply and sanitation, then the relevant institutions within the water sector must be equipped to carry out their work professionally and efficiently.

One of the key challenges is developing the capacity of specialists and managers in these institutions. The multi-country approach of HCD is creating a platform for sharing experience and information concerning specialist topics and specific problems and for mutual learning.

Our approach and HCD services

This approach is based on the integration of several HCD services. Initiatives are being implemented for increasing the personal effectiveness of specialists and enhancing the expertise of specialists and managers in water supply companies, the administrative district and training institutions.

This HCD offering is being linked with training initiatives for creative and sustainable management, in order to increase the influence of managers and process owners. Disseminators are also being equipped to train and advise water suppliers, regulatory authorities and industry associations in change processes.

Networking for sustainability is being improved in cooperation with bilateral water projects. Learning and knowledge networks are being established to encourage dialogue between water suppliers, training institutions, industry associations, regulatory authorities and ministries.