Complaints Tracking and Management System

Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company Ltd.

The utility is situated in the central part of Zambia covering 6 towns with a total of 17,050 connections covering a population of 380,339. One of the major challenges that Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company Limited was grabbling with was the poor customer care, particularly in responding to customer complaints. Customers’ complaints did not only go unresolved but also went missing through the system. With the help of the new developed Complaints Tracking System, management is now able to take action on unresolved complaints.

Contact: Aaron Siwiti | proveyou(at) | Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company Ltd. Zambia

Lessons Learnt

Capacity building helped staff to innovate and upgrade existing systems on their own and thus improved the management of the utility.


  • Establish an electronic customer complaints registering
  • Speed up complaints resolution procedures

Project Description

  • The IT person developed an electronic system to help with tracking and managing complaints. The system was tailor-made to suit the requirements of the utility.
  • In the system, all possible complaints were identified and listed with the required resolution times feed in. Every month, reports can be generated showing how the utility is performing in relation to not only resolving complaints, but resolving them within the stipulated timeframes.
  • Management is then able to take action on unresolved complaints and those were taking long to be resolved.
  • This system is cheap as it was developed in-house so there are no maintenance or license costs.


  1. The Utility is able to check its performance against its service charter, particularly on the response time to customer complaints and take corrective measures
  2. Management can now get comprehensive complaint handling reports generated from the system
  3. Tracking of complaints is very easy and fast and complaints are being handled within the stipulated timeframe


The utility has adopted this system as the complaints tracking and management system for the company. Since it was developed internally by staff, it is easier to maintain and manage as the utility owns it. Other utilities such as Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company have already replicated the Good Practice.

WAVE Impact

This Good Practice was a direct outcome of the WAVEplus training on CCO. Participants of this training pledged to improve customer care by ensuring that complaints are resolved within the stipulated time frames. The complaints tracking system was one of the ways which was then agreed upon after brainstorming during a meeting of utility staff at various levels.