Pre-paid Metering

Pre-paid Metering at Communal Water Kiosks

The idea was reinforced after a series of WAVEplus trainings in CCO and NRW. Participants from Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company LWSC spearheaded the idea of prepaid meters and were instrumental in ensuring that the project was undertaken successfully, using the lessons learnt on community relations and marketing.

Water Integrity

Promoting Integrity in Water Supply and Sanitation Service Provision

One of the valuable lessons that was picked from the WAVEplus training course on integrity in the water sector was to introduce integrity boxes as a way of enhancing transparency both with the utility and outside. Both employees and customers are now able to report cases of corruption by using the integrity boxes. These cases are discussed openly with staff of Southern Water and Sewerage Company SWSC and corrective measure taken where need be. This system has helped to promote transparency.

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Non-Revenue Water Reduction in Livingstone City

In an attempt to manage the amount of NRW in Livingstone City, Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWSC) resolved to lead the process following a series of trainings in NRW offered by the WAVE programme. It was anticipated that since this was the service area, the impact would be immense. Participants of the NRW training included the implementation of NRW reduction strategies as part of their work plan.

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Business Messaging System

A Vehicle of Modern Communication with Customers

To improve their customer orientation, Lusaka Water Sewerage Company pioneered the introduction of a Bulk Messaging System (BMS), which was consolidated after capacity interventions by the WAVE programme and other exposure initiatives from the utility company itself.

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Complaints Tracking

Establishment of a Complaints Tracking and Management System

This «Good Practice» was another direct outcome of the WAVE trainings on CCO. Participants of this training, staff of Lukanga Water and Sewerage Company, pledged to improve customer care by ensuring that complaints were resolved within the stipulated time frames. The complaints tracking system was one of the ways which was agreed upon after a brainstorming meeting of utility staff at various levels.

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Benchmarking System

Enhancing the NWASCO Benchmarking System

The Commercial and Financial Inspector of the National Water Supply and Sanitation Council Company (NWASCO) – part of Zambia WAVE– initiated the notion of reviewing the benchmarking system and introducing a performance improvement aspect of benchmarking in the CUs after the lessons learnt from a WAVE ToT on benchmarking.

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Broader Action Plan

Reducing NRW at North Western Water & Sewerage Company

NWWSC was one of the two utilities in Zambia which developed a BAP according to WAVEplus approach to address their NRW challenge very effectively.

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