Organizational Development

Kagulu Multiple Services Ltd., operating Bugiri Water Supply

Kagulu Multiple Services Ltd. is a company specialized in the operation and maintenance of WATSAN facilities in small towns in Uganda. Triggered by its staff who had followed the WAVE e-learning courses on Organization Development, they set out to find out key areas within the organization that needed attention and improvement. Due to the staff's suggestions, the revenues collected increased tremendously while the amount of non-revenue water could be reduced.

Contact: Brendah Kisakye | Cell: +256706596745 | kisakyebrendah(at) | Kagulu Multiple Services Ltd.

Lessons Learnt

The bonus pay system (which was new for us) is good in a sense that it promotes competition amongst different branches, increases the revenue base, the company financial sustainability and improved general staff moral towards work.


Identification of the key areas within the organization that needed attention and improvement (this started during the process of action planning after the e-Learning course). Communicate with senior management about the findings and suggest performance improvement measures.

Project Description

The key areas identified for improvement included a low revenue base, poor customer satisfaction and issues with staff satisfaction.

The key issues we worked on as a result were:

  • Staff dissatisfaction and negative attitude towards work as a result of delayed salaries
  • Numerous customer complaints to field staff
  • Insufficient funds to run the company business
  • Less attention given to staff remuneration, («even if you would register 150% collection efficiency, you will not receive any appreciation apart from your salary»)


  1. The company introduced a system of allocating work schedules to all staff, who would have to report at the end of the day on what has been achieved. This gave the staff clear targets and motivated them to work.
  2. The company started a system of annual performance appraisals, this has enticed every staff to work to his/her best for contract renewal.
  3. Staff restructuring was done and the position of administration manager was incorporated. This has helped bridge the gap between the staff and the company directors.
  4. Customer sensitization was carried out, which reduced greatly the complaints in the business areas.
  5. After discussion with the management, a salary increment was given to all staff and a bonus payment based on performance was introduced.
  6. The communication gap narrowed between directors and staff as all communication to staff, company policies and progress are now accessible to all through the company mail.
  7. Tremendous increment in sales as a result of reduction in NRW percentages and revenues as compared to the previous years was registered.


Improved access to company policies and the restructuring of the company administration to cater for staff issues (especially the bonus payment) is there to last in future, as it is now already a culture in the company. 

WAVE Impact

The project was undertaken after staff of the company undertook the online OD courses, based on the «Water-Impact Guidebook» by Nancy Barnes et al. (e-Learning) which have been offered by WAVEplus.