Non Revenue Water Management

Amazing Enterprises Ltd, operating Kyotera Water Supply

Amazing Enterprises Ltd. is contracted to supply water to Kyotera town, after the local authority had run the system for one year. There are mostly domestic customers (756 connections). Although the water system is only 3 years old, there was NRW of 32% measured. To reduce the water losses, the company embarked on finding the causes in order to address the problem. They used the skills the staff had acquired through the WAVE training on NRW management. NRW has so far been reduced to 25% within 1 year and it is hoped to reduce it to the targeted 20% by the end of the second year.

Contact: Khadija Naluyima | Cell: +256778841767 | | Amazing Enterprises Ltd.

Lessons Learnt

  • NRW reduction does not necessarily require outside support. The team can work out a strategy within its budget and make it work.
  • Community sensitization and involvement is key in implementation of the strategy.


Reduction of Non-Revenue water from 32% to 20% within two years.

Project Description

A number of interventions were put in place to bring down water losses:

Loss analysis done monthly using bulk meter readings and those of the consumer meters; 
Routine monitoring of disconnected customers to avoid illegal reconnection;
Reservoir overflow minimization through improved pump records analysis;
Regular monitoring and servicing of meters to reduce estimation of consumption;
Field spot checks to monitor illegal users; 
Incentives to informers on leaks, bursts and illegal usage.


NRW has been reduced to 25% after the first year and we hope to reduce it to the targeted 20% by the end of the second year.


NRW reduction approaches have been institutionalized within the company. The Kyotera Water Authority is interested in a better service from the Private Operator.

Kyotera Water Supply was supported by APWO Uganda (Association of Private Water Operators) and the Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda.

WAVE Impact

Interventions were made after staff attended WAVE trainings on NRW and implemented the action plans made after the training.