Customer Care and Commercial Orientation

Jowa Engineering Services

At Busia Water Supply System (operated by JES Ltd.) we found that a combination of small strategies can yield big results for the operations of a water supply. Poor follow-up on customer complaints resulted in reduced cash flow. A project of improving customer satisfaction, improving the company image and information flow on service operations was implemented after WAVEplus training on CCO. Customer satisfaction improved remarkably as well as revenues. Staff feels as well appreciated by the new interest of the directors.

Contact: Harriet Nabwire | harrietwnabwire(at) | Jowa Engineering Services Ltd.

Lessons Learnt

Financial discipline greatly improved due to improvement in gross income of the station.

Due to the improvement in operations, the support from the directors has also increased. Currently, the directors even visit the station at least twice in a month (before, the visits were occasional)


The main objective of the intervention was to improve customer satisfaction through  better customer handling processes.

Project Description

Improvement in customer handling and appropriate response to issues of concern: This was to be achieved through introducing a leakage book and more friendly and regular interaction with customers.

Improvement of the company image: This was to be achieved through improving the office ambience through procuring flowers and painting the office.

Improvement in information flow on service operations: This was to be achieved through developing and displaying a client’s charter with key information relating to the operations and customer services.


  • Introduction of a customer complaints handling procedure at the station
  • Introduction of a staff appraisal process by management
  • Stocking regularly used materials to improve responding to customer technical complaints
  • Improved revenue through: Ensuring timely response to complaints/ leaks; Immediate banking of all money collected and improving bookkeeping; Door to door checks in surveillance of illegal water consumption (Reduction of NRW from 34% to 29%); Attention to readings by meter readers (sample checks)


The commitment of staff directly relates to the interest of the Directors and their resultant support. It has been shown that a combination of small strategies can yield big results for the operations of the business. It has thus been institutionalized in the company.

WAVE Impact

The project was implemented after staff attended WAVE trainings on CCO.