Customer Care and Commercial Orientation

Improving Customers Satisfaction through Better Customer Handling Processes

Jowa Engineering Services implemented improvements in customer handling measures, of the companies image and in the information flow on service operations after WAVEplus trainings on CCO .

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Non-Revenue Water Management

Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Performance of the Water Supply Systems through NRW

After WAVE trainings and especially the WAVEplus e-Learning course on NRW-Management, in-house training of all staff of Mpigi Water Supply (operated by Tradint Ltd) on the benefits of NRW reduction and the implementation of action plans are now part of the company policy. This helped to reduce the amount of Non-Revenue Water from 30% to less than 20% in two years.

Management of Training Programs

Establishing Professional Trainings and Capacity Building Interventions 

The WAVE approach towards training, incorporating field visits and preparation of action plans to ensure implementation at the work place helped the HRD section of the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) to organize training and capacity building interventions and manage them professionally. The HRD section now has more effective means of delivering learning in response to the needs.

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Performance Improvement through CCO

Introducing Complaint Handling System and Customer Care

The Kyotera Water Supply is operated by Amazing Enterprises Limited. After a training through the WAVE program in CCO, the company staff came up with a strategy to disseminate their knowledge to other employees that interact with the customers. This resulted in a higher customer satisfaction which is important for the image of the company as far as service delivery is concerned.

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Organization Development

Establish Performance Improvement Measures in Small Towns in Uganda

After attending the WAVEplus online training course on OD, the staff of Kagulu Multiple Services Limited came up with a strategic plan to address the issues which were affecting the organization. Beside other results, a system of allocating work schedules and report procedures was established, thus giving the staff clear targets and motivate them for their work.

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Non-Revenue Water Management

Analysis and Intervention to Reduce the Amount of NRW

Interventions were made possible after the staff of Amazing Enterprises Limited, who operates the Kyotera Water Supply attended face to face and online WAVE trainings on NRW and implemented the action plans made after the trainings.

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