Protection of Water Sources

The Environmental Management Committee

The Sigi River is an important water source for Tanga UWASA. The river serves as a feeder to the utility’s 7.7 million cubic meters Mabayani Dam reservoir. The pollution of the Mabayani dam increased due to uncontrolled and unmanaged human activities – alluvial mining, industrial logging, cultivation, grazing and charcoal production – in the catchment area. With the help of the District Council and the Muheza District Commissioner’s office, human activities could be reduced.

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Lessons Learnt

  • The WSSAs have to be be proactive to ensure quality and sustainability of water sources
  • Community involvement on environmental management can be used as an effective way to meet common objectives


Formation of Environmental Management Committee that draw members from Tanga UWASA and the villagers around the catchment area (Sigi River and  Mabayani dam). The committee acts as a steering unit to integrate the villages surrounding the source for joint environmental concern. The committee is monitored by the Authority’s Management jointly with the Village Governments in the concerned areas.

Project Description

i) Tanga UWASA put forward a proposal to form an environmental management committee.

ii) The committee consists of Tanga UWASA staff, villagers in the catchment and dam surroundings and other stakeholders coordinates environmental management initiatives from all stakeholders involved including, the government, local community groups, individuals, parastatals (such as UWASA), private investors and businesses etc.

iii) Villages 20kms upstream Mabayani Dam along Sigi River, Tanga and Muheza District councils are involved in the project.

iv) Laws and bylaws are enforced by both Tanga City Council and the Muheza District Council. The District Councils also help on advocacy and support.

v) Villages through their governments are involved into the education and the campaign; they are supposed to formulate a joint environmental management concern; they work with local authorities on administering the strategic implementation of community resolutions.

The committee is currently solely financed by Tanga UWASA.


  • Pollution in Sigi River and Mabayani Dam area could be reduced: Activities such as alluvial mining, improper forest harvesting, charcoal making and cultivation in the river banks have been reduced – some even prohibited with the help of the District Council and the Muheza District Commissioner’s office.
  • Every year 1000 trees are planted in the catchment area; about 70% of these trees make it to maturity.


The initiative has been featured in the Authority’s Strategic and Business plans to make it operational. Efforts are ongoing to secure funds from various sources to support the activities.

A special project (Mabayani Dam Environmental Conservation Project) has been designed to support efforts to secure and preserve the quality of Mabayani dam waters in the future.

WAVE Impact

Tanga UWASA is a member of WAVE-pool Tanzania and has provided trainers in commercial orientation and customer care. Water sources protection for reliable water has been one of the main issues discussed during face to face workshop sessions. Trainers who joined the WAVEplus ToTs courses have been very resourceful in public awareness sessions.