Sanitation for Water Utilities

Approach to Sanitation for Water Utilities. Experience of Mbeya Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority UWSA, Tanzania

As a direct result of the WAVEplus «Training of Trainers» on Sanitation which took place in 203, local dissemination seminars were launched to inform the City of Mbeya and the towns of Chunya and Rujewa about the possible sanitation approaches ant technologies with the aim to reduce water-borne diseases and to protect water sources.

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Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Development

Adopting and customizing WAVEplus courses for the Water Sector

Since the start of the WAVE program in 2007, WDMI has been the Focal Organisation for WAVE activities in Tanzania. Marketing of the courses, and utilizing trainers effectively during the WAVEplus trainings led WDMI to adopt and customize WAVE short courses into WDMI curriculum, formulate policies and implement them. Especially the WAVEplus ToT on Sanitation in 2013 and the materials and guidelines acquired from Waveplus trainings enhanced the programmes offered by the Institute. The WAVE approach of follow-ups after training promoted the relationship between WDMI and the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authorities.

Liaison Officer – Facility for Capacity Development

The «Liaison Officer» as a Facility for Capacity Development for District and Township Water Utilities in Tanzania

The idea of a follow-up of action plans was generated from the WAVEplus trainings programme. Because some utilities failed to implement their action plans after a WAVEplus training due to limited number of available trainers and budget, the Association of Tanzanian Water Suppliers (ATAWAS) now offers «Liaison Officers» who provide technical support to the WSSAs management and staff to implement aspects of their action plans prepared during the WAVEplus workshops.

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NRW Reduction Programm

NRW reduction from 60% of the water produced to 35% after Program implementation.

Staff from Iringa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (IRUWASA) have attended several trainings offered by the WAVE program on CCO, NRW and TOTs. IRUWASA has also been providing trainers and resource persons for National WAVE training workshop. The knowledge acquired from the workshops were used for capacity development among the staff of IRUWASA who were trained on proper NRW reduction strategies and methods for the repair.

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Protection of Water Sources

Protection of Water Sources through Environmental Management Committee

Tanga Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (UWASA) is a member of the WAVE Pool Tanzania and has provided trainers in commercial orientation and customer care and Water Sources Protection for reliable water supply. The WAVEplus trainings have provided knowledge which enables UWASA staff to prevent pollution of Mabayani dam due to increasing uncontrolled and unmanaged human activities in the catchment area and to create a wide awareness about the problem.

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