Restructuring and Reorganization

Organization Development at Kericho Water & Sanitation Co. Ltd

KEWASCO has a total of 14.000 connections 10.000 of which are active. Currently, the company has a service coverage of about 70% of the total area under its jurisdiction. The work force consists of 145 employees. This translates to 10 employees per 1000 registered connections or 14 employees per 1000 active connections. A clear organizational structure was long overdue.

Triggered through a WAVEplus e-Learning course on Organization Development, KEWASCO decided to re-organize its departments and sections/units and assign them clear titles, roles and responsibilities. This was done in a systematic process with remarkable gains in efficiency and revenues.

Contact: Patrick Langat | Cell: +254 721 934413 | pclangat07(at) | Kericho Water & Sanitation Co. Ltd

Lessons Learnt

  • Efficiency is achieved through allocation of specific duties to relevant staff
  • Embrace technology in order to keep up with others in the sector
  • Do not expect different/better results by doing things in the same manner


The main objective of the project was to re-organize the departments and sections/units under them with clear titles, roles and responsibilities.

Project Description

  • Identify distinct activities within departments
  • Identify areas with overlapping duties
  • Identity the section that can handle the required duties and where one is not available, create a new one
  • Deploy qualified staff to the units


  • Monitoring of projects by a dedicated team in the planning office has ensured that quality of materials and workmanship is adhered to
  • The GIS roll out is 90% complete, having done mapping of the entire area
  • The planning office secured a consultancy to design the Host Community Water Supply System (Daadab)
  • Improved collection from Kshs110million in the FY 2011/12 to Kshs125million in the FY2012/13


The project was financed through internally generated funds. It was approved by the board of directors and is subject to review periodically in the coming years. The company partnered with GIZ (Water sector reform program).

WAVE Impact

The company has been part of the WAVE programme since its inception and was able to get its staff trained. The Organization Development (OD) e-learning course (September – October 2009) triggered the project.