Integrated Customer Information Management System

Enhancing the Service Delivery of a WSP

Meru Water and Sewerage Services wanted to ensure a higher customer satisfaction level. For this reason, MEWASS outsourced the development of a computerized comprehensive customer care information management system. The monitoring reports on customer issues facilitate the resolution of customer issues. This is within the set target of customer service levels as stipulated in the strategic plan. MEWASS found that accurate and readily available information enhances customer confidence to a great deal!

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Lessons Learnt

  • Accurate and readily available information enhances customer confidence with the organization services.
  • With a proper monitoring tool tasks get done appropriately and as desired.
  • Accurate reports are a key to performance improvement.
  • Adequate preparation of any project is critical for its success.


At the start of operations on the 1st July 2002 there was no structured customer care services. Initially we established a customer care desk which was prone to missing documents, time wasted in tracing the level of customer issue resolution and lack of accurate and timely reports on the customer issue resolution. Due to this, we decided in the year 2009 to adopt a computerized customer issues handling system. 

The main objective was to improve/guarantee a high customer satisfaction level by reducing the customer issue resolution period and establish a proper information management.

Project Description

We contracted the development of a comprehensive customer information management system for the Development of a customer issues management module integrated to our Customer Information Management System (billing and meter management) whereby getting to any customer account you are able to view all the activities on billing, meter movement, meter reading, connection installation and customer complaints information.

This is done through a computerized system which requires little human interface when working hence reducing the time taken to get the customer information, decision making and providing the same to the customers. Through monitoring reports on customer issues, it facilitates the resolution of customer issues within the set target on customer service levels stipulated in our strategic plan.


Reduced delays in solving customer issues and thus made sure that we are within the strategic plan of customer services level targets.

Eliminated cases of loss of track on customer issues and avoided waste of time when identifying their location and status.

Provided history of the customer issues during the critical period - unlike the manual system, where the documents could only be accessible when the person handling the customer issue is available.

No further filing of the customer issue documents (space utilization) due to digitization of the information. This also made the manual transmission and monitoring of the customer issue documents superfluous.

We are now able to provide accurate and timely reports.

Customer issues information can now be shared simultaneously at different locations in the offices.


MWSS has a maintenance contract with the vendor of the customer information management system. This guarantees system continuity. The management continuously monitors the customer issues handling aspects by monthly reports. This ensures compliance on the customer service level targets.

WAVE Impact

The WAVEplus programme training was backing up the initiative by empowering the participants on the need of efficient and effective customer care services. The particiants of the WAVEplus training were the key staff who supported the implementation of the new system.