..from Kenya

«Good Practices» from Kenya introduced updated Billing & Meter Reading Systems, Customer Information Management Systems, the use of GIS  and other innovative techniques to reduce the amount of Non-Revenue Water and the positive effects of Organisation Development.

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..from Tanzania

The Dar es Salaam Conference hosts from the Tanzanian water sector showed  examples of how the content of the WAVEplus trainings were used to prepare own tailored capacity building courses and how to sustain the results of the trainings by establishing a «Liaison officer». A NRW reduction program and an approach how to protect water sources rounded up the impressive demonstrations.

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..from Uganda

The colleagues from Uganda emphasized the importance of the management of Non-Revenue Water with two different Good Practice examples. Very relevant for the conference audience were the  examples of improved Customer Orientation and the results of Organisation Development approaches.

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..from Zambia

The Zambian delegation showed how the water sector can successfully fight corruption with Water Integrity measures. As in other countries, the reduction of Non-Revenue Water and Customer Orientation through an improved Complaints Tracking was an important topic. The visitors of the conference were as well very impressed by the pilot project for public water taps with Pre-paid Metering in Lusaka.

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